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Making processes look good

Delivering speed and quality with smile makes our clients’ processes look good. Outsourcing of HR processes is not only for cost arbitrage but enhancing the holistic value through right operating model, technology and people.

GrowValue supports its clients in managing their HR function in any of the following models:

[expand title=”End to End HR Function Outsourcing (e2e HRO)”]

In this model GrowValue manages the entire HR Department for the client. GrowValue becomes the extended HR department of the client seamlessly.


[expand title=”Process HR Outsourcing (Pro HRO)”]

Clients can choose to outsource any of their HR processes to GrowValue such as Recruitment, Training, Exit Management etc. The clients can also outsource certain sub processes of their HR Processes. For example, within Recruitment process, only campus recruitment or On-boarding process can be outsourced.

GrowValue specializes in the following processes:

Performance Management
Talent Management
Employee Engagement
Compensation & Benefits
Exit Management


[expand title=”Geographic HR Outsourcing (Geo HRO)”]

GrowValue offers to manage the HR department for certain specific geography. For Example Regional Office HR can be managed end to end or even certain processes only.